The Story of Bun Cafe

Bun Cafe is a personal project inspired by my own pet rabbit, BunnBun.

Bunn was a rescue rabbit. Like thousands of other rabbits each year, she was abandoned by her previous owners and left with a number of health issues due to poor care. I didn't plan on getting a bunny at the time, but with a single nose boop I fell head over heels in love and took her home. We formed the kind of bond that only happens with one or two special pets in a lifetime. We had many wonderful years together and even though she is gone I have never stopped loving her or thinking about her. She is the reason I paint bunnies. It started as a way to process grief, but I came up with the concept of Bun Cafe in her honor, creating bunny inspired art that helps fund rabbit rescue efforts. So while she may be gone, she still helps and inspires.

The name is based on the idea of a bunny cafe style rabbit rescue. Where adoptable rabbits are housed and cared for in an open setting, getting lots of love and attention and hopefully catching someone's eye to be taken into a loving forever home. Since I can't set up an actual adoptable bunny rescue cafe, I'm doing what I can with art to support organizations who can provide help for rabbits in need. 15% of profits on Bun Cafe items are donated to rabbit rescue and welfare groups each month in honor of BunnBun. Please find me on instagram or facebook if you'd like to see updates on this effort or follow my art journey.

If you've read this far and nothing in my shop catches your eye, please consider looking up your local non-profit rabbit rescue to make a donation. Rabbits are the third most abandoned animal in shelters and rescues across the nation! During Easter alone, around 80% of baby bunnies bought as a cute festive pet end up dead or abandoned in their first year. There are many wonderful rabbit rescue organizations across the country that could use the support to help save the buns!


Space Bunn
In loving memory of BunnBun, who continues to inspired a better part of me.