Dancing Moon Bunny Tote Bag v 2.0

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A super cute canvas tote bag featuring a bunny dancing across the moon in the night sky! The high quality canvas material is a durable medium weight, making it suitable for carrying around books, as an eco-friendly shopping bag or a casual every-day bag. Each tote is tagged with care instructions and comes with a small, purple, removable crescent moon charm attached to the strap. Available in black, white and lavender.


  • Graphic applied as heat transfer vinyl.
  • Measures 16H x 14W.
  • 20 inch web canvas handles.
  • 12oz cotton canvas material.
  • Includes "IKA INK" branded logo on the back side of the tote.
  • White tote is a true, bright white and not a "natural" or off-white color.



100% cotton tote bags are prone to shrinkage, so please care for your tote as indicated below for the best longevity of your bag:

  • Turn your bag inside-out to protect the vinyl graphic during wash.
  • Wash separate in cold water only.
  • Air dry your bag immediately after washing by reshaping it on a flat surface, including the straps, to prevent wrinkles.
  • You may iron your tote on low to medium heat as needed once fully dry.
  • Avoid running the iron over the vinyl graphic or it may cause damage!



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