Morning and Evening Star Bunny Keychain

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A double-sided clear acrylic keychain attached to a black star shaped keyring featuring morning and evening star bunny art on each side! These buns describe the planet Venus as it appears in the sky at either sunset or dawn. The same "star" in different contexts or two sides of the same coin.
The front of the charm shows the morning star bun art through the acrylic. The back of the charm shows the evening star bun art whose outline and skeleton are glossed in epoxy resin. When held up to the light, a silhouette of the other bun can be seen through the other (see video).


  • Double-sided featuring different artwork on each side
  •  Back side outline (evening star bun) is glossed in epoxy resin
  • Charm made from clear recycled acrylic
  • Charm measures approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Full keyring measures approximately 4 inches in length



  • Colors on images may vary between monitors depending on calibration or screen settings. As such, colors you see may differ slightly from the photo in person.
  • Props in photos not included.