Are your items handmade?

The majority of my items are handmade. The only items I currently sell that I have manufactured are the acrylic charms on keychains and clear stickers. The charms and stickers are designed by me but produced by an independent production partner since it's not something possible for me to make on my own. In all cases, everything sold in my shop is a personal design/art piece. 

Are your items available for wholesale / resale?

Since my items are handmade and not mass produced, I am usually not able to fulfill standard wholesale requests. I am open to providing a limited stock to small retail stores or selling for consignment. Contact me if you are interested!

Can I use your items in my own art or the creation of my own products?

My items and art are for personal use only and may not be used for any sort of commercial purpose or integrated into the production of a new product without explict written permission. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes! Gift wrapping is $3.00, you can learn more and purchase it here. Please include a gift message in the cart message box before checking out. 

I saw your items on Etsy, is that you or did someone steal your stuff?

I do have an Etsy shop under the name "IkaInkArt". You might even see this url on some of my packaging! I use Etsy for it's vast marketplace and as a way to provide shipping options to international customers. If you see my items being sold anywhere else other than this Etsy shop it's likely a fake. Please let me know if so I can report them :(

Why are some prices on this shop different from your Etsy store?

I would love to make prices consistent across platforms, but unfortunately I would not be able to cover my expenses or recover any profit if I did. When you make a purchase here, I'm charged a simple transaction fee for payment processing. Purchases on Etsy results in my store being charged a listing fee, transaction fee, processing fee, order fee and shipping fee. Yes, Etsy even takes 5% of any payment made for shipping. I've have to price some of my items, and even shipping, slightly higher on Etsy to cover these additional costs. 

Why don't you offer international shipping?

I'm able to sell internationally to a limited number of countries through Etsy. The cost to do business and ship international have become increasingly more complicated and expensive. It's not something I'm able to manage and mitigate on my own as a very small independent seller at this time.